Windy City Linux Users Group
Windy City Linux Users Group

What Is Linux?
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WCLUG meets the first Thursday, 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.  

Our next meeting will take place on August 7. Be sure to look for the table with the sign with the Linux mascot,
Tux the Penguin, on it. The Dunkin Donuts parking is adequate:

Dunkin Donuts Mapquest
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4867 N. Milwaukee Ave Open Street Mapping
Chicago, IL   60630

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Desktop Environments

MS Bash File   100% Microsoft Free

Rare Albino (White Hat) Penguin
         Spotted in Antartica
Lost Linux User Makes it to New Zealand

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Tech Articles "NSA:  Linux Users Are Extremists," 7/4/14
"Scroogle Is Gone Forever," 2/21/12
"IBM Creates 12-Atom-Wide Harddrive," 1/13/12
"Blue Screen of Death Causes BP Oil Disaster," 7/23/10
"Gates Caps Daughter's Computer Time," 2/21/07
Scientific American, "Gates: A Robot in Every Home," 1/7/07
"Microsoft Code Has No Bugs," 1996

Hacker News
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The ambience was quiet and smokeless.  
	Attendance:  countless.  Discussions included normal geek and penguin protocol.  
	Global warming taking effect, fearless leader McCune shed his Antarctic feathers for the event.
July WCLUG Meeting
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